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We're The Edge Initiative

What we do

The Edge Initiative is a technology provider. We create software and operate systems, for use by our clients, to run the online advertising businesses. Our clients include publishers of online properties such as websites and mobile applications, and advertisers and advertising agencies.

We enable advertisers to perform online marketing campaigns, and we enable online publishers to generate revenue from their online properties. In short: We enable the flow of advertising money from advertisers to publishers. This in turn enables the average consumer to enjoy this content free of charge, much like other forms of advertising supported media such as free newspapers, free commercial radio and television.

The responsibility for online privacy lies with our clients, but we enforce a very strict privacy policy that applies to all our clients without exception.


Advertisers can benefit of Edge Initiative RTB buying services. You can get your campaigns managed by us and access to real-time reports.


As a Publisher you can gain access via Edge Initiative, to a Tier 1 SSP to monetize your inventory and maximize your profits.


The Edge Initiative provides agencies access to DSP, DMP and AdServer all-in-one Self Managed Solutions.

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