Monetize your Projects

With The Edge Initiative, you can gain access to a strategic selling platform that enables media companies to unlock the full value of their inventory and improve the experience for their consumers.

A streamlined buying and selling platform the industry needs, with the technology to shape TV and digital media monetization in the future.

Strategic Inventory Management​

Comprehensive solutions for holistic inventory and demand channel management needed to strategically grow your business​

Data-Driven Yield Optimization

Industry-leading forecasting analytics and data-driven yield optimization tools to maximize the value of your inventory

Demand Advantage​

Differentiated demand and scale stemming from dual-sided advancements in buyer and seller solutions​


With Prebid-powered header bidding technology, deals capabilities, and curated premium demand, we can hel you power your monetization needs providing advanced controls to manage demand partners across all channels and formats.​

Ad Server

Built first for the programmatic world with openness and transparency at its core.

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